18-20 Oct, 2019

Genomics Hackathon Collective

+ hs19 participant applications are open!

+ hackseq18 was a smash!

  • 80 people joined up to tackle 8 innovative projects, ranging from Abomination Assemblers to the Viral Deep Seas.

  • When the dust settled, Team beRi were awarded this year’s winner and claim the title of bio-hackers supreme.

  • David Guo stole our hearts, winning the #BioHaiku Contest amongst the 38 poetic entries.

+ hackseq19… soon… { v.18.10.14 }

  • hackseq19 will happen, join the hackseq collective and we’ll let you know when applications open.

  • If you have a project idea, submit a project proposal and we’ll contact you when we begin Team Leader Selection.

  • If you’re interested in volunteering to be an event organizer, email us.

+ Team bioSyntax's paper is published             { v.18.08.22 }

hackseq17: Oct 20-22 2017, Vancouver, BC

  + hackseq17 was a global success!

  • Read the Ubyssey Feature on hackseq17

  • 54 participants from 6 countries came together (locally and virtually!) for an intense 3 days of hacking away at genomics based problems.

  • Team bioSyntax took first place by popular vote, and Team gene-fusion detection toolkit was second overall.

hackseq16: Oct 15-17 2016, Vancouver, BC

  + hackseq16 meeting report published on F1000


Catalyzing Bio+Informatics

We want to mix a diverse set of scientists to catalyze open & innovative solutions to today's biggest [*]omics problems.



+ What's hackseq?

hackseq is a Vancouver-based hackathon focused on open [*]omics. We want to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds together to collaborate on scientific questions and problems.

Our philosophy is open-source, open-notebook, open science.

+ What's a Hackathon?

Hack-athon (noun): a software/hardware development ('hacking') marathon.

Participants pitch their ideas, form teams and work together to find solutions before the deadline.

At the end everyone shares their results and learns from each other.

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