Genomics Hackathon Collective

+ hackseq18 was a smash!

  • 80 people joined up to tackle 8 innovative projects, ranging from Abomination Assemblers to the Viral Deep Seas.

  • When the dust settled, Team beRi were awarded this year’s winner and claim the title of bio-hackers supreme.

  • David Guo stole our hearts, winning the #BioHaiku Contest amongst the 38 poetic entries.

+ hackseq19… soon… { v.18.10.14 }

  • hackseq19 will happen, join the hackseq collective and we’ll let you know when applications open.

  • If you have a project idea, submit a project proposal and we’ll contact you when we begin Team Leader Selection.

  • If you’re interested in volunteering to be an event organizer, email us.

+ Team bioSyntax's paper is published             { v.18.08.22 }

hackseq17: Oct 20-22 2017, Vancouver, BC

  + hackseq17 was a global success!

  • Read the Ubyssey Feature on hackseq17

  • 54 participants from 6 countries came together (locally and virtually!) for an intense 3 days of hacking away at genomics based problems.

  • Team bioSyntax took first place by popular vote, and Team gene-fusion detection toolkit was second overall.

hackseq16: Oct 15-17 2016, Vancouver, BC

  + hackseq16 meeting report published on F1000


Catalyzing Bio+Informatics

We want to mix a diverse set of scientists to catalyze open & innovative solutions to today's biggest [*]omics problems.



+ What's hackseq?

hackseq is a Vancouver-based hackathon focused on open [*]omics. We want to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds together to collaborate on scientific questions and problems.
Our philosophy is open-source, open-notebook, open science.

+ What's a Hackathon?

A Hack-athon is a software/hardware development ('hacking') marathon.
Participants pitch ideas, form teams and work together to find solutions before the deadline.
At the end everyone shares their results and celebrates.

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