All great ideas begin with a github page
— Anonymous hackseq Organizer

The Projects

BioSyntax: Parsing biological file formats for humans with syntax highlighting

Project 4: Metrics to evaluate microbiome diversity

Develop an interactive Shiny app to guide the selection of metrics for alpha- and beta- diversity, in microbiome analysis 

Project 7 (cancelled): Multi-locus typing

Improving multi-locus sequence typing software

Project 2: DNA methylation in single cells

A reproducible template workflow for single-cell DNA methylation data

Project 5: R for genomic analysis

Developing advanced R tutorials for genomic data analysis

Project 8: Guide RNAs and CRISPR

Analysis of tested guide RNA’s used for gene editing via CRISPR to predict optimal future guide sequences

Project 9: Expanding CollapseTree in R

Using the CollapseTree package with taxonomic metadata to automatically collapse large tree branches

hackseq is open to everyone with coding experience. The focus is on empowering students and trainees who want to use their skills and knowledge in a creative new way.

Based on the NCBI Hackathons