hackseq19: Catalyzing {*}omics

hackseq is open to everyone with coding experience. The focus is on empowering students and trainees who want to apply their skills and knowledge in a creative new way.

When: hackseq19 is happening October 18th-20th, 2019.

Where: UBC – Vancouver, BC. Canada


{ Propose your project idea for hackseq19 }

Apply here to lead a team of genome hackers this hackseq!

100% DIY: Share an idea. Join a team. Hack a solution together.

hackseq is a peer-led hackathon, which means you propose the projects. We will help you recruit your team and get you the resources to turn your idea into a reality. This is a great oppertunity to collaborate and test out your ideas.

Teams are ~4-8 people and y’all have 72 hours to work together and get the idea off the ground. Successful projects have a clearly defined objective and manageable scope. If you have any questions about if your idea is a good fit, shoot us an [email].

## Select Past Projects

  • [XYalign] : Inferring sex chromosome and autosomal ploidy in NGS data

  • [bioSyntax] : Syntax highlighting for computational biology

  • [beRi] : Virtual package management system for the R

  • [ChromeQC] : Summarize sequencing library quality of 10X Genomics Chromium linked reads

  • [Viral Voyager] : Viral metabolomics data exploration web interface

  • [Snacc] : Compress and compare pathogen genomes without sequence alignment

  • [R for Genomics Tutorials]

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