+ I have an idea for a project!

That's great! We're looking for team leaders with ideas. Apply and tell us about the project and a rough team composition you think the project will need.

We especially would like to encourage women to apply.

+ Can I still participate without leading a team?

Of course you can. Sign up for the email list and when we have all the projects submitted you'll be able to apply to the ones you're specifically interested in.

+ How do we form teams?

Organically. Team leaders will post the projects and needed skill-sets. Collaborators will apply to the projects their interested in. The team leaders will then finalize the team composition for the event.

+ Sweet, where do I sign up?

We’re still cooking up hackseq19. Sign up for the mailing list and we’ll give you a shout soon enough.








+ What's a Hackathon?

Hack-athon (noun): a software/hardware development ('hacking') marathon.

Participants pitch their ideas, form teams and work together to find solutions before the deadline.

At the end everyone shares their results and learns from each other.

+ What's hackseq?

hackseq is a Vancouver-based hackathon focused on genomics. We want to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds together to collaborate on scientific questions and problems in genomics.

Our philosophy is open-source, open-notebook, open science.

+ Sounds cool! Can I join?

Hackseq is open to everyone with coding experience. The focus is on empowering students and trainees who want to use their skills and knowledge in a creative new way.

+ Can my institute / foundation / company support hackseq in any way?

We're always open to partnerships, just shoot us an email and we can discuss getting y'all on board.

A visualization of the git commit history of Team TaraCyc development during hackseq18.