The Window into the scientific mind.

Open data is important, but finding meaningful ways to share and collaborate are critical for truly Open Science.

+ Research

Strong Inference: Why hypothesis-driven research matters.

Jupyter*: An electronic notebook for data scientists

eLabFTW*: Another electronic notebook, more oriented for biologists

* compatible with GitHub

bioRxiv: Pre-print server for biological publications. Do it.

+ Learn & Ask

Applied Computational Genomics Course: This course provides anintroduction to fundamental concepts and experimental approaches ingenomics data

Biostars: A bioinformatics focused Stack Exchange

SEQanswers: A great forum for next-gen sequencing

Stack Overflow: If you have a coding question, you'll find the answer here.

+ Teamwork

Agile Research: Focus on achieving a clearly defined goal.

GitHub: The lifeblood of a successful collaboration. Share ideas, code and notebooks with full version control.

+ Protocols

OpenWetWare:  A great collection of protocols for in vivo and in silico